Watery, green duck poo


Dec 15, 2020
I have two beautiful house ducks, both about 7.5 months old, a female Muscovy and a male Ancona. The Ancona (Bitsy) is fiercely protective of the Muscovy (Cheech) to the point where he watchdogs while she eats and drinks. It's increased a lot since she started laying about 2.5 weeks ago. I'm worried he's not eating enough because he seems to be obsessed with making sure she is safe and happy while eating and drinking. Today he pooed this odd watery, kind of foamy white and minty green poop that I haven't seen before. He's definitely underweight, just a little over 3.5 pounds, but full of energy and has never given any indication that he is suffering for it (other than the fact his tail feathers break constantly - I could use advice on that, too). He's also been molting and growing new feathers for like two months. Is he just a skinny duck? Any way I could get his weight up safely? Is this weird poo something to be worried about? And thoughts on the feathers too?

Thanks a million, I love these littles fools more than anything!


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Has he eaten any thing like lettuce? Looking at his picture he doesn’t look under weight but I notice my Runners drakes eat nothing like my females. But I def make sure they have food out all the time. And of course fresh water always. Maybe 2 bowls of feed would entice him to eat while she’s eating?
Good to know. The man I bought him from sold his drakes at 5-6 pounds but I imagine he was bulking them up for breeding/eating. That's a good idea to put out two food bowls as I keep two water bowls out for them. It is free choice and I always have food out during the day for them. No lettuce or anything green today though, that's why it was odd.

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