Wazine and fertility/egg laying rate


11 Years
Feb 1, 2008
St Louis MO (Jefferson County)
I noticed after I wormed my flock with wazine, it seemed like my bantams quit laying completely! I have not had a bantam egg for 2 months! And my porcelain d'uccles haven't even started laying yet. Did I unknowingly sterilize them? I've read that wazine is terrible to embryos, I was wondering if it affected the whole reproductive tract. My three heavy breeds are laying just fine. Everyone is just about done molting. I figured I'd worm them while they were molting, is it just a coincidence? I knew they'd slow down after molting but geez! Unless they are hiding eggs....I better fix the fence. I haven't seen any evidence of egg eating.....

Any suggestions?
Did you ever find out about Wazine affecting your egg layers? I gave mine Wazine about the 1st week of March and my two Americaunas haven't layed since. I have a Rhode Island that's going strong, but I don't know what the deal is. They could be moulting, but that's just a guess since I don't know what else the problem could be.
Wow! Been a long time! My fertility was not affected the following year, but it was almost like my bantams didn't lay until it really cooled off, and then only a short period. It never slowed down my heavy girls. I have Langshans laying right now and it didn't phase them one bit. I hate wasting the eggs, so I've been scrambling them and feeding it back to them.

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