WCB Polish problem...


8 Years
Nov 22, 2011
North Alabama
I have a WCB Polish rooster that has lost a large spot of feathers on his head...it looks like when i bought him he was in a small cage and rubbed his head alot
on the wire or hens pulled head feathers out.

Is there a medicine i can buy to put on his head to help his head feathers grow back as i have had him two months and not growing very fast
I suggest you increase protein. They have a game bird feed that 27% protein. Protein is what feathers are made of just like our hair. It couldnt hurt to get at least one bag. It might stop the feather picking too. If your only feeding 16% feed probably not enough unless they are free ranging. I would also give it a good spray of Blukote or some of the picking spray.

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