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Sep 15, 2019
About a year ago, a family member was moving and was not able to take her flock of 20 chickens with her. After a few weeks of deliberation, our family of 7 decided we could handle the flock. Because our family member owns the property the chickens were housed on, we were able to house them there until we created a space for them at home. Unfortunately, by the time that happened, we lost almost half of our flock to predators, at which point, we promptly got them home and safe in the barn (which up until this point, was piled high with the storage of Hardys past).
Flash forward a year and here we are, rescuing almost every bird that comes our way and we have only lost one since getting that first flock home. Today, we have 24 chickens, including 9 roosters and 2 chicks; and 39 ducks, including 32 ducklings ranging from ages 3-7 weeks. Tomorrow, hopefully we will find more hens to keep our boys busy!
Our main goal here at Hardy Family Farms is to raise happy, healthy birds. We put so much love into what we call our "babies" and all we want is for them to live their best lives in the best environment. We spend on average 12-18 hours daily making sure that our birds are well taken care of.
Hardy Family Farms is trying hard to build a legacy and infuse love into every creature who finds itself in our path.
Hello and welcome to BYC. I hope that you enjoy your time here.

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