We are looking for 6 more chicks

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    We are wanting 6 more chicks to add to our family and that is it. We have looked at hatcheries and they all have a HUGE minimum. We can't get eggs and hatch them as we are not set up for it and if we got roosters we would be in trouble, frankly we are not suppose to have chickens as it is.

    We are wanting;

    2 Black Copper Marans
    2 Buff Orpingtons
    1 Rock Barr
    1 White Leg Horn

    and that it! We would like to have 2 of each even if they are all girls. We have plenty of room, as you can see in our dog/chicken house. Can anyone help us out?

    We can't believe how much fun the are! They are so additive [​IMG] LOL Just about every day, weather permitting we go outside and spend a couple hours with them. We have a half acre and there is no possibility of them getting out. Our Rottie, Stormee is terrified of them, she will be laying down and if one of the gets to close she will run for cover or come running for Daddy to save her.

    Off to Wal-mart to buy ingredients to make a drawing salve.
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    Try craigslist and see if anyone in your area has those breeds.
    MyPetChicken has a minimum of 3.
    Ideal has no minimum.
    There are others with low minimums. The minimums are for the wellbeing of the chicks. Too few in a box and they can't keep each other warm enough to make the trip.

    The ones with low or no minimums add heat packs to the box.
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    Thank you so much!
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    Ideal hatchery only has a dollar minimum - $25. So that's about what it would cost you for 6 birds anyway. I've had great birds several times from Ideal and they carry everything you listed except the Black Copper Marans (just cuckoos).

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