We got a bear! coming into the yard

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May 13, 2009
Happy Valley, CA
I don't think bears eat chickens but any ideas on things to do to make sure it doesn't decide to check out coop or run at night. Don't have any food in run and going to move layer feed into garage.
From past posts on here I DO think bears eat chickens. Perhaps a motion detector light, radio in or around the coop......ummmmmmm hot wire maybe????

I would take a bear as a serious threat to your chickens.
You either need to do what you can to keep your chickens safe or get electric fencing, lots of noise, light etc. They do kill chickens.
My neighbor has bird aviaries and she said bear has never bothered her birds. But then I forget EVERYTHING likes to eat chickens. Will make sure that door on coop is really secure - it has a solid wood door, but probably need to get a lock and double pane window (doesn't open) might need a cover so he/she can't see in and we'll make sure no inviting food around. We are actually more worried about a 50 fruit trees that are just now getting ripe fruit. Also, have motion detectors lights on garage and a lead sandwhich waiting if they get tripped! lol

Thanks for the advise and warnings.
Not only do they eat chickens, but they DESTROY your coop and run to get to them. Invest in an electric fence.
Shoot, SHOVEL, and shutup!!?!?

LOL! Maybe if you had a backhoe at your disposal!
Shoot, and shutup would be the easy part! This is a bear we are talking about.

Maybe shoot, skin, sausage, shovel, and then shutup.

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