We Lost a Bobwhite


Mar 14, 2019
Near Portland Oregon at 2Dogs Ranch North
This morning my husband was putting food in the quail pen and one of our bobwhite cocks got out. My hubby tried to catch him but he got away. He flew over the fence onto the roof of the horse shelter and disappeared a minute later from there. Any hope that he will come back to the coop at night? Any hope of finding him? Attracting him?
I think there is a better chance of you finding him by looking than him showing back up to the pen.
Just keep a hen in a small area and he should come roost with her at night. And then you can catch him easily unless he’s found a wild girl out there
He came back to the coop and the others about twilight. My husband blocked him in a small area. We missed catching him and he got by my hubby. So we put a dim light near the coop in hopes he’ll come back. I’ll go out before dawn in hopes.

I forgot to say also that we put a bucket on its side out with some hay and food for shelter.
You were all right! This morning our barn helper spotted him in a run we keep open for chickens. It’s next door to his run. After some wrangling hubby caught him and now he’s home. I’m so relieved!

Thanks everyone for the good advice. I’ll look into the trap. I kept wishing I had one.
Glad this story has a happy ending!

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