We processed 4 of our cornish x 30 more to go

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    DH and I processed 4 of the 34 of our cornish x today. They weighed 8 to 8.5 lbs before process and 3.5 to almost 4 lbs afterwards. I didn't realize it would be that much of a difference. But we did use different scales before and after. They will be 8 weeks old Tuesday.

    We tried pything first and then cut the neck to bleed out. We never have had one to close their eyes and go limp after the pything. My neighbor called and said his book said to cut the neck first and then the pything. We tried that and the chicken took a lot longer to quit breathing and to me was harder to pluck.

    The are sitting in an ice chest full of ice water now.

    My heavens I didn't realize how BIG their feet and legs were until they were in the cone. No I didn't skin them and keep them.

    They also had a lot more feathers than I thought they had. I have to go back and search on what everyone said about getting the little feathers. All I could think of was mthomechick talking about baking a porcupine!! [​IMG]

    We did 2 hens and 2 roosters and their size were about the same.

    I just can't wait to eat one now.

    Thanks for reading and PLEASE offer any suggestions!!

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    I kill quite a few chickens, and I am not sure what pything is. I have a small hatchet, pull them out of a box by there neck, place them over a large cutting block that I have, and cut their head off. I think it is pretty humane and it lets them bleed out. I usually throw the chicken then, away from the table because I end up looking like an axe murderer if I don't. For plucking, dipping them in very hot water (not boiling but really close) for just a moment really helps. I usually kill between three and five at a time. If I kill more than that, they start getting rig. Also, I feed out my crosses for 10 weeks and that last two weeks, they really gain weight!
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    Pything is using a knife through the chickens mouth upward toward the back of the brain and making a turn. Which is suppose to help release the feathers more.

    We have tried the scalding water and I can't handle the smell.

    I'm going to let some go to 10 weeks to get some larger ones.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Pithing, (with an "i") won't work right if you hit the wrong part of the brain. I had it work beautifully once, but not when I tried it again. Later I found out I should have been aiming straight through the beak into the back of the head. I'd been aiming upward a bit, toward the rear of the crown/back of head. I'll try straight in next time, and post the results.

    Congrats on processing your first birds! Good job!

    About the feathers, if you don't scald because of the smell, but can't get the last feathers out, you might try this, it's a modified scald: After most of the feathers are gone, rinse and clean the bird as well as you can, to remove any loose feathers, dirt, poop, etc. Then in a clean sink or container that allows you good access to all parts, pour very hot water (about 150-160F) (I use a teakettle) over the parts that still have feathers. They should come out easily then. Without so many feathers, the smell shouldn't be anywhere near as bad.
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    Quote:Does this cute little guy ever get tired? the smiley I mean. [​IMG]

    Where do you do the scalding at? We done ours outside and I don't understand what others are saying about a bad smell. We have butchered 20 of our birds and I have yet to have a problem with them dying or a smell.

    My hubby takes a 1x1 and lays it across the necks of the birds and pulls up and I take the bird and put it directly into a cone that is in a bucket. This is the best way for us that we have come up with.

    Congrats Jackie
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    Quote:Thank you Dancing Bear for the suggestions. We will try them on the next ones I still have 30 more to go!

  8. jackiedon

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    Quote:Thanks Acre! I can see blood all day long but I am very sensitive to smells and a weak stomach to some smells.

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    Congrats on dinner!

    Did you weigh them before or after withholding 12 hrs of feed?

    I find I get about 75% of the weight back after 12 hrs of no food, and a much less guts to take out, with less chance of breaking into them.
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    Quote:Might I suggest the word "harvest" or "process" rather than kill?

    DW says well kill is what it is, I suppose I'm getting too PC.
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