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    Start posting, 4H Mom! [​IMG]
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    Mar 10, 2007
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    LOL [​IMG] ChickenDuck loves to be specially requsted! [​IMG]

    He is big and handsome now and crows like the dickins! He keeps his gals in the coop now alot of the time because they are getting ready to lay. He is SO protective of them! He also has "new babies" !

    A week and two days ago, I moved my (then) 4 week old guineas out to the coop because I simply can not stand the brooders in my house anymore! [​IMG] Intros went great and ChickenDuck stood up as 'guardian' of the guineas!

    Now after a week of lock-down in the coop, I decided to give letting the guineas out a try. ChickenDuck wouldn't let them venture any further than about a foot from the coop door! They would start to move away and he would puff up and usher them back to where "he" wanted them! [​IMG]

    Today was their 2nd day outside and he let them wander off and explore but he kept very near them. My little African goose is a real *[email protected]#* lately and chases everything in the yard, bites my goats and grabs hold of the little chicks from time to time. (Dont worry, that ones name is Christmas Dinner...lol)

    The goose would charge after the guineas and ChickenDuck would bare down right in front of them all fluffed up and wings out streched and making a low tough sounding cluck and would 'dance' at the goose until it backed down and left the guineas alone. Then hed go back to eating grass while keeping watch over HIS babies! [​IMG]

    He is so good with the babies. He's not too rough when 'servicing' his hens either. Big Red is his pal and they rule the yard together in a sort of "tag team" pattern. Pretty Boy (the poor dear) is the lowest of the low in the pecking order and isnt even allowed to crow without getting trouble from the "top boys". They will chase him into a corner and into submission. [​IMG]

    He now he lovely golden strands above his tail and a deep rich red/bronzy color on his wings. He looks nothing like a duck now, but there is just no way I could ever call him anything else! lol I'll take some good shots of him tomorrow and post them up for all to admire! [​IMG]
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    He is just so cute!!! [​IMG] Did you get any pics?
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    Chickenduck is alive and well! I found him by googling him if any one is interested. Long live chickenduck! [​IMG]

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