We won RCH American with a Buckeye, whoot!


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Jan 25, 2008
Northern KY
Went to the Southern Ohio Poultry Breeders Association show this past weekend at Lucasville, OH, and had the distinct pleasure to win Reserve Champion American with a Buckeye pullet.

It's not often that a Buckeye is up there on Champion Row, and it was very gratifying to have one there. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of my work with these great birds!

Were there more than 2 Americans in the class??
Just kidding.................Nice chicken!
Unusual to see a Buckeye at all let alone a good one. Glad you had a judge who could see past the White Rocks.
Har dee har har. (Need to insert a pic of Jackie Gleason here.)

Um yes, more than a couple. The CH American was a lovely White Wyandotte by (Don?) Patterson, just lovely.

GCH of the show, and CH Waterfowl and CH Bantam and CH Call was a Gray Call hen by Art Lundgren, (which I will say left Charlie a bit unhappy), who was just a stunning bird. Don't remember all the rest (left my camera at home, silly me.)
Nice job Laura!
What a beautiful bird....

Keep posting these and I'll drive all the way to KY to get some of your eggs!....

Here's to ya!
I am all too familiar with losing to Art. He raises some pretty nice calls.

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