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Aug 5, 2020
East Bay, CA
I have one Buckeye pullet that just started laying at 24 weeks. She is super sweet, curious and very vocal with her little clucks. I got her from a mixed brown egg layer bunch at a hatchery. I thought she was a RIR for the first 16 wks! She is a bit weird and def not up to breed standards most likely, but we love her.

I was surprised that they would put such a rare chicken in the mix, but am super happy to have her.


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Aug 2, 2017
Darwell Alberta
I have raised buckeyes for 3 years now. They are great birds. All of the roos I've had are very protective of their girls, but also very friendly. Oddly enough, the only issues of frostbite I've encountered is the toes on the males, never the females.

I'm hoping to get bantams this fall. The breeder that I got my original birds from got some a year and a half ago, with the stipulation that she help spread their population in Canada. (As far as I know, she is the only breeder in Canada). Sadly, last year, her cat decided that he loved them too, so I have to wait until she gets her numbers up a bit.

I do find their meat a little tough if you don't follow the standard rule of cooking them "low and slow". They turn out well in a pressure cooker as well.

It's odd that their eggs are determined medium. My girls lay large to extra large, often not fitting into a standard large carton.

I love my buckeyes so much that I even planted 2 buckeye trees in my yard last year!


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Jun 30, 2020
We love our Buckeye! She is only a chick but she is thriving and curious. She was the first to stand on my hand and climb all over me—not for food, as I didn’t have any, but just to see what she could see! Can’t wait to get her outside.


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Sep 8, 2020
The Buckeye is a breed that originated in the state of Ohio. Created in the late 19th century, Buckeyes are the only American Poultry Association (APA) standard breed of chicken known to have been created by a woman, Mrs. Nettie Metcalf, and the only one in the American Class to have a pea comb. The breed's name most likely derived from Ohio's nickname of "Buckeye state", and their rich mahogany color is said to resemble that of the seeds of the Ohio Buckeye nut. They are a dual-purpose chicken that have a decent laying ability and strong meat production characteristics.

The Buckeye male weighs an average of 9 lb (4.1 kg), and the hen 6.5 lb (2.9 kg). Its primary color is a rich mahogany bay, with a bar of slate color on the feathers close to the body. The Buckeye shows some traits of game fowl in its frame and disposition, being assertive in character and a very good forager. They are known for their friendliness and are wonderful with children. Despite its game heritage, it tolerates confinement well, although it will be much happier and produce better if allowed to range on grass. A good meat producer and layer of between 150 to 200 eggs per year, the Buckeye is a dual purpose chicken well–suited to small farmyard and backyard flocks. The Buckeye breed has also been gaining popularity in the exhibition world and gained possibly it's first ever Grand Master Exhibitor (Joe Shumaker of Shumaker Farm) in 2014.


Breed purpose: Dual purpose
Comb: Pea
Broodiness: Average
Climate Tolerance: Cold
Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Medium
Temperament: Friendly
Breed Size: Large Fowl as well as Bantam

Chick by Shumaker Farm

Hen by @goodb

Pullet by Shumaker Farm

Rooster by Shumaker Farm

Breed Review:

Breed Discussion Thread:

Do you own Buckeyes? Are you a Buckeye breeder? If so, please reply to this thread with the your thoughts and experiences, including:

· What made you decide to get this breed?
· Do you own them for fun? Breeding? Some other purpose?
· What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?
· Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!

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I have two 15 week old Buckeye. I was taken by their beautiful mahogany color. Order female but I think I have two roosters. What do you think. Hen or Roo?


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