Weak gosling; again...

Discussion in 'Geese' started by MsMelvin, May 1, 2011.

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Last year I ordered two goslings from **; one did not make it. Spent more time laying than standing from day one.

    This year I ordered 4, two pairs; one pair for me and pair for friend. Three are doing great (two moved out yesterday)! My little girl is spending more time laying than anything else. Does not care about food (nibbling on crumbles and romaine) but does like water. Hatched Easter or Monday following so she's a week today. Not growing; sleeps alot.

    What can I do besides keep her as comfortable and happy as possible while she's with us...(vitamin/eltrolite in water is helping some @ 1/4 tea. per qt)

    I am sooooo disappointed; I will not buy another duck to keep the male gosling company! (rant, sorry)

    There's more; last years lone goose is setting on eggs (not viable) since May 11th. My original plan was to imprint the little ones for friendly-ness (like goosey) then let her adopt them when she realizes those eggs won't hatch. Don't want her depressed. I wasen't sure the approach though....slip them in the nest when she's swimming or walk in the coop and introduce them while she's watching. She likes when I visit and pet her 2 x's daily.

    Two things; the introduction and chilly outside in this area yet. Will she know enough to keep them (him) warm? I don't dare hang a heat lamp in the coop; she will eat the wire for sure " ).

    Eggs should start stinking this week I would think> Sally
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    I would take her eggs away. My goose is white Chinese and she adopted the babies as soon as she saw them. Didn't matter that she wasn't broody. Show her the goslings and when she goes to them take her eggs out of the nest. Mine adopt any little goose I give them. Even the male seems to like and protect them. She'll keep them warm and be really happy to do it. That's been my experience so I'll be surprised if it doesn't work.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    Mar 15, 2009
    Thank you so much for your thoughts; it worked!

    She was gone when I checked first thing in the morning, rest in peace my little friend.

    I knew I had to either give him away or put him with Lucy....so I bring lucy in the house to see the brooder. She took right to him. I ran out and took the eggs came back in and carried the little guy to the nest. She came in the coop and sat on the nest and he started preening her neck feathers. They gently nibbled beaks...it was great! I secured the door and left.

    I got a chance to check them at lunch time; so I peek in the window while calling to them and here he is standing on her back giving the stretched out neck posture and peeping at me. I go in and calmly sit down to talk to them and he approached me, ran behind her and approached again. This time let me pet him...Lucy is doing great! I am so relieved! Now for a name for him " ).

    She is so happy to have him. Thanks again.


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