Weasel Decimating Flock

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    There is a weasel attacking my flock, it has killed 7 of my 19 chickens. I have tried some traps, I've run a baby monitor out there so I can hear them and I still can't keep it out. Any way I read that weasels are afraid of cats so we have gotten 2 8 week old kittens, we're keeping them in a cage for now until they are big enough to let loose. So I was wondering if we could set their cage just outside the coop and if that would prevent it. Please help, I'm losing a chicken every other day, sometimes 2 every other day, any help is appreciated.
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    A weasel can get in a one inch hole so you really need to tighten
    up your coop just a suggestion there is some small wire and I am
    talking 1/4" what is used on the bottom of rabbit cages take some
    of this and secure it to the sides of your coop or run and go up
    2 to 3 feet and make sure some of it goes' in the ground and try
    to get some heavy boards to give strength to the bottom of your
    coop and remember a weasel will clime over so you need chicken
    netting for the top of the coop ...........
    Kittens are nice but once the weasel finds out they are in a cage
    he will not be intimidated but try it I wood do anything once ......
    Do you have any Dog boxes or cages to protect your chickens
    till you fix all your problems ....
    If you try trap's use short bacon pieces like 1 inch and add a couple
    of new pieces every night and do not remove ole bait and cover
    the trap every morning and put a rock on top of the cover ......
    Good luck ......

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    Thank you so much. I have a brooder that could hold about four of my chickens but thats about it right now, I will try to find some of that quarter inch wire, once again thank you I really do appreciate it.
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    Agreed-- the best thing to do is to take all measures to keep them out. 1/4" hardware cloth will do the trick. Go over your entire coop with a very critical eye and close up any gaps, holes, etc... make sure that the human door and the chicken door close securely at night. I use a carabiner clip to hold the door shut, that even clever raccoon hands cannot undo. Usher your hens in before sunset and wait until after sunrise to let them out, if you can.

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