week old chick acting wierd

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    I have a Golden laced polish. He is a week old tomorrow. He seems to be really "sleepy" he seems like he just wants to sleep has a burst of energy then he will be standing there an fall asleep where he is standing or almost falls over. He eats sitting down and drinks sitting down. I decided to get probiotics and eletrolights for chicks today. he has eaten and drinking a little, just seems as if he wants to sleep. I noticed when I hold him he will be active for a minute then want to sleep his body temp is the same as the others also.
    His poop when I put him down was straight runny white ish I don't know really how to expliain the poop but I know that the others poop is normal because I watch them carefully. I would like some advise due to me not having experience with the polish breed. I just want to save him. but I know you cant save all of them its life. I love my chickens like there my children. Please help anyone

    This morning he seemed better drinking and standing walking but I had to clean his butt off because he had sticky stringy poop to his butt feathers it was orangish yellow white. I didn't get a good good look before the large amount fell off. But I know for sure what I wiped off was yellowish white

    Just please help.
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    It sounds almost as if he has pasty butt.He could be stressed.Do you have older hens or any animals near them?

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