Week old chick pics


8 Years
May 15, 2011
I picked Elizabeth the EE and Gertie a BO as my favorites--but it seems that the smallest of the whole bunch a little SLW picked me as a favorite..I mean Elizabeth and Gertie come and a few others too to eat out of my hand and say Hi--but this SLW wants to be with me and on me ALL the time that I am with them--once she eats she will climb my arm and fall alseep on my shoulder--while I am trying to care for the others..Now Gertie and Eizabeth try to knock the others out of the way of my hand the food and the highest place even to get to me--but that little SLW holds her ground on my shoulder..!!! Who would have thought.. Now I have to think of a name for her..???? :loveLOL:love
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