week old chick trapped under collapsed ecoglow: panting weak

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6 Years
Apr 6, 2014
The thin panel under my ecoglow trapped my little buff brahma chick under it roasting her for god knows how long. I heard flapping and saw her weakly struggling under the ecoglow. She's really weak and making these gasping motions without any sound.

I separated her, got rid of that d***ed ecoglow and turned on a heat lamp. She's not drinking and not taking any food and keeps making these silent motions like she's peeping but can't make any noise.

She can stand up but keeps sinking back down until she's lying down.
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Dribble some water alongside her beak with a syringe. Don't pour it into her mouth or she might aspirate. Do this once an hour if you can until she recovers. They die very easily from overheating.

Poor baby!!

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