week old chick with bumblefoot!


6 Years
Mar 4, 2013
Weare, New Hampshire
Need help and some advice =( Has anyone dealt with a week and a half old chick with bumblefoot? I just got Cleopatra yesterday, she's an Egyptian Fayoumi. I was holding her and I noticed she has what looks like bumblefoot. The woman said she was keeping her on a wire floored brooder and someone suggested that could have caused it. So for now, until I can get to the store today, I soaked her feet and put some A and D ointment on the scabs. I was planning on later getting some gauze and plain neosporin and soaking her feet again, taking the scabs off, globing on the neosporin, and wrapping her feet in gauze. would this be a good idea? Should I get her some sort of antibiotic too? I have also heard honey is a good natural antibiotic. Can I use that?

I wouldn't use Neosporin if I were you. Honey works great, I've seen dramatic differences. Keep us posted on the progress! Good luck!!
Just smear on a thin layer, you don't need much at all. I wouldn't wrap her foot or anything, just hold her so her feet don't touch anything and let them air out for a little bit.
I said to hold her for a couple of minutes (don't put her feet on anything) so her feet can air out. Then I think it would be okay to wrap, just check on her every few hours

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