Weezing and Coughing Pullet. What could this be from? Wasp sting?

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    I have a 3 1/2 month old bantam pullet that has been weezing and coughing pretty bad since I got home today. She was fine yesterday. None of her flock mates are affected in the least. Other than weezing and coughing and trouble breathing in general, she seems otherwise healthy. Shiny lustrous feathers, a healthy weight, bright eyes. The weezing and coughing is a big concern, though. I've never seen a chicken have this much trouble breathing. She will not eat or drink. I tried giving her one of her favorite foods, egg, but she wouldn't take it. There was a red wasps nest in the coop and I sprayed it the other day. I'm wondering if maybe my pullet tried to eat a wasp and it stung her throat? I noticed some cicadas out yesterday. Could she have a cicada body part stuck in her throat? I tried feeling her throat but I couldn't make anything out do to all her feathers. I can't see anything just by looking in her beak. Any suggestions as to what I can do to help her? Is it possible to get something stuck in a chicken's throat out?
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    Sorry no one answered your question sooner, hope she is okay!

    Try reading this and see if any of the diseases match her symptons: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
    As for the eating and drinking, she NEEDS water or she will dehydrate quickly. Take a syringe full of water (and electrolytes from a feed store if you have any) and squirt as much as you can into her throat, but be careful to squirt slowly so she doesn't choke or go into her lungs. As for food, try making this mixture, GREAT recipe for a sick chicken:
    "Feed the birds once a day for 3 to 21 days or until you feel the bird is looking and acting better

    I like to feed this to my sick birds for at least 3 weeks

    Start feeding your birds this formula please: First thing in the morning.. also have their ordinary feed and fresh clean water available at all times: if it has not been fully eaten with in 12 hours throw it out... make another one the next morning.. don't add to it.. clean out the dish it was in also before adding the new mixture

    Each serving consists of

    1 x boiled egg yolk… crumbled into mixture….. give the whites to the other hens mixed into their seed or pellets (depends a lot on the size of the egg yolk)

    1 small teaspoon honey…. .given for energy, only a small teaspoon

    2 x tablespoons yoghurt…. Given for calcium and also to make the intestine go back into normal production – the one with no sugar or fruit in it .. it must be if possible the one with the active ingredient in it

    2 to 4 tablespoons rolled oats or Rice Baby Cereal (easily digestable)…. To give substance to the feed, and they are easily digested by the bird also putting less stress on its system, when your birds become sick they find it difficult to digest grains

    1 dessertspoon of beef tin cat food…… Not dog food …… the bird needs extra protein not carbs

    A few grains of multi vitamin powder (only if you are not already giving it to them in their drinking water, don’t overdose) it is very strong.. so only a few grains into the mixture is needed – do not put a large pinch or a teaspoon you will overdose the bird and make it sick

    2 tablespoons of grated apple and grated carrot…. .. do not just cut it up .. it must be grated for easy digestion…. Grated Apple is really good for any ailing bird

    Mix to make a crumble mixture not runny
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    Jun 28, 2011
    Arkansas River Valley
    Thanks for the recipe, it sounds very nutritious. I guess my pullet did get stung in the throat by a wasp. As the poison wore off, her coughing and weezing gradually went away, thank goodness. She is almost completely back to her old self today.

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