Weird coincidence or ???


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Nov 9, 2007
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My DH's mom lived in this house from the time they built it in the early 70s until she passed away from renal (kidney) cancer in 2005.
I moved in Sept. 2006 and in the summer of '07 I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. My right kidney bleeds regularly.
Today, as I mentioned in another thread, my beloved dog Charlie was diagnosed with renal cancer that has metastized to her lungs.
Is this just a weird coincidence?
My DH and I were discussing it tonight. He has no kidney problems, other than some damage done to his kidneys when he had systemic e.coli.
The one thing I thought his mom, Charlie and I have in common that my DH doesn't is that we all drink the water (DH doesn't, except thru the faucet filter). Only I found out tonight that his mom only drank the rural water that we do for about two years before she passed away; before that she drank from the well.
The only other things we have in common is that Charlie, DH's mom and I are/were home alot more than DH and we are female.
It's just gnawing at my brain.


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Jul 18, 2008
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get the water tested just to be safe. I really don't believe too much in just "coincidences" I believe that theres signs and reasons for things and they show up in commonalities to get you aware. It would be wonderful if there was a way to stop the problem for both you and your dog and *maybe* stop stuffering so much with the issues of it. Could easily be the well water.

My mom got extremely ill from hepititis if im not mistaken from a deer falling in a drinking water well when she was a kid... she was the only one that got sick though.... and they only found out that the deer was in the well when they started trying to find the reason of her illness. She almost died. So just be safe and try to get that water tested you never know.

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