Weird egg


6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
I posted yesterday about our flock stopping laying after adding 3 new hens, one of which is sick looking, 6 weeks ago. We started giving them electrolytes and today started an antibiotic, but we just got this egg. It is very skinny and had no yolk. Any ideas?

Excuse my daughter, who is crying because she couldn't hold the egg.
Probably from stress. Be careful with the electrolyte in their water, too much sodium can cause shell issues.
Odd shaped eggs can be a result of:

- Immature shell gland (young layers);

- Defective shell glands;

- Disease such as infectious bronchitis;

- Stress, frights, or disturbances;

- Overcrowding in coop and/or run.
The first egg looks like a torpedo, don't no the cause.
The last is definitely alien. ( CONTACT ROSWELL New Mexico ).
Just kidding. I've never seen anything like them. GC
Fyi I was gonna throw that egg out but my husband cracked it open it looked beautiful on the inside and made himself a scrambled egg and said it was delicious LOL hope I never find another egg like that again from my girls
Hi I think that was the same problem with her and then I didn't get an egg for a couple of days and now they're all lying fairly normal eggs maybe a little smaller for the last two ofmy girls. but thank God that was one ugly egg LOL

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