Weird eggs . . . with nipples!!

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    Hello all,

    I live just outside of Ottawa Canada and I have three barred rocks and two production reds. I raised the BR's from chick's last year (they will be a year old in May) and the two reds I purchased from another chicken lover, they are about 14months old now. All have been laying well up to now. Last few days I've had two weird eggs. I think they're both from the same hen. The shell at the narrow end is not smooth, it's lumpy and layered, but it's sealed and the inside is fine. I should mention I'm battling shaft lice but think I have them licked. I've been dusting the birds with sevin and using DE under the bedding, on roosts, in nesting boxes etc. One of the reds has a worse case than the others, she's lost some feathers, looks a bit mangy but isn't freezing from massive feather loss. I don't think the funny eggs are from lice, I think she's missing something in her diet . . . they're on a balanced laying mash. Maybe they need some extra oyster shells? I've attached two pics. Any advice would be much appreciated!


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    Anybody out there??!!!
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    Aug 10, 2011
    I really dont know what that is........ It could be extra shell! I am sorry I cant really help there.
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    All eggs looked normal today, guess it was just a fluky thing? Thanks for the advice!

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