Weird fleshy egg things


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Nov 22, 2015
Hi, my lovely black cross hen is laying some weird fleshy egg things. The brown part is quite thick and tough and there is white and yolk present. I was hoping someone could advise what it might be and if there is something I should do or if a vet visit might be helpful.
My hen is one of 3 girls, approx 18 months old and otherwise in good health with a red wattle and glossy feathers. She was laying normally 4-5 eggs per week then I found this weird dried up fleshy egg thing in the nest and she appeared to slow her laying although sitting in the nest for a bit most days. She went off colour for a few days, then appeared to recover and now seems her self. She laid a normal egg 3-4 days ago then nothing until today when I found another of the fleshy egg things that is definitely from her. She sat in the nest a bit later today as well.
I have 3 chooks who are fed Country Heritage Organic Laying mash and pellets as well as shell grit, regular greens and fresh kitchen scraps. The others are fine with good strong egg shells so am thinking it shouldn't be calcium deficiency; they do not look like wind eggs nor has she ever laid any before. The girls were wormed a few months back 10 days apart, during which time they were all laying normally. All help much appreciated!

Those fleshy things are called Lash. They could just be a random occurrence, or they could be signs of a larger problem. You are going to need to keep an eye on the bird to figure out which it is.

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