Weird growth/bump on lower back of chicken


In the Brooder
6 Years
Feb 3, 2013
My EE has a wierd growth or bump (ingrown feather???) on her back. It's probably "1-2" above her vent.

Anyone know what it is???

I found it because she was pecking at it a little bit. Not a lot, just a little...
Oh! So completely normal?? I'm showing my newbie stripes then! Thanks!!!
Yes, that is the oil or preen gland. It secretes an oily substance that birds wipe on their feathers during preening in order to clean and waterproof themselves. To get oil out of it, most birds dab at it with their beak, and some may even bite it. I believe that oil glands can get impacted/infected, but your hen's gland appears to be normal.

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