Weird Growth


7 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Beautiful Northern Ontario
I’m wondering if anyone has seen a growth like this before? She acts perfectly normal but should I be alarmed?


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The photo reveals a two dimensional image, but we need to borrow your senses to get the full picture.

Is there an odor? What does it feel like? Hard, soft, fluid filled or crusty?

When did you first notice it? Has it grown in size since?

Look inside her mouth for anything similar in there.
It looks and sounds like a harmless cyst. I wouldn't be surprised if her flock mates eventually get around to plucking it off of her beak for her. Chickens like to do that.
Does it feel as hard as the beak itself?

From the image, it looks like an over growth of the keratin.

I know when we damage our nails, a few weeks or months down the line the new nail can grow back in a weird way, sometimes pointing upwards.

Maybe she caught, knocked or damaged the top of her beak and when it's grown, it's come in like that.

It's hard to know for sure without having an actual look.

If it was my bird and it felt exactly like the beak itself, I'd keep an eye on it. If it doesn't grow anymore, I'd leave it. If it continues to grow, I'd slowly and carefully file it down. If it bleeds, I wouldn't carry on.

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