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    May 20, 2016
    My red sexlinks are 19 weeks old. I just started getting eggs about a week ago. I don't know who's laying but I think a second one just started because I've been finding one a day in the same nesting box every day until this morning. There was a very strange looking egg in the door way to the coop. It's like partly light brown and bleached white, and the shell feels rough. I wish I could figure out how to post a picture. The other eggs I've been getting are varying shades of brown . Is this a problem or just the result of an imature hen still getting cycled up?
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    Most likely a result of a hens immature laying cycle.
    Do your hens have access to grit?
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    It could very well be that this is caused by them being new layers. Sometimes they can take a while to get their egg laying machines in full working order. Here is a great article on egg quality problems that I'm sure you will find most helpful ~

    To upload a pic look for the mountain and moon Icon in your editor. It's the same for icon for both mobile and desktop versions of BYC.


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