Weird, lumpy eggs


5 Years
Jul 4, 2014
What on earth is going on here? I had a chicken get loose and disappear a couple of weeks ago. I live in a suburban area, and part of the mesh popped off my coop. All the others were there, but Diney had disappeared. (My fence is only 4 feet high, so they can get over it if properly motivated, and I think my barking dogs were motivation enough. New fence next week!) We thought for sure she was gone, although we did enjoy driving around the neighborhood, stopping people and asking if they had seen a chicken. Two days later, she was back. I have no idea what kind of adventure she was having for that time, but suddenly she was in the back yard, squawking and trying to get back into the coop. I put her back with her friends and she laid an egg just a few minutes later. The egg was very large, rippled, and lumpy. I figured she'd just been hanging on to that egg for a couple of days, and her return meant she was desperate to lay it in a comfortable place. The egg was normal on the inside, although the shell turned out to actually be quite thin and brittle. That was about a week and a half ago. Today, she laid this. Nothing else has been abnormal since her little adventure. What's going on here? I'm worried about her! She's a pretty small hen, a red sex link, and I can't imagine these things feel very good to pass.

Can't see the pic but the stress of her adventure could be the cause...stress can make for funky eggs.

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