Weird shaped eggs


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Apr 13, 2011
One of the hens lays really weird shaped eggs. Lots of ridges, and sometimes they are gigantic in size. I don't even know which one of our three hens are laying these. All appear healthy and happy.

Has anyone had this experience? Should I be concerned?

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How long have they been laying? sometimes when a hen starts laying, some of the eggs can look quite odd. it usually stops as they get older. I wouldn't worry about it.
We just got these hens (3) about three weeks ago. At first, there would be an egg that either didn't have a shell, or a very brittle one. Now just the weird shaped/large one. I hope it's just a 'new layer' thing. The don't appear ill or anything.
I have had the very same giant white egg with a weird shell as in your picture but I think mine is from one of my older white leghorns. She seems to be healthy but every now and again she lays a funky egg. This has been happening for some time now. She is still pretty happy and healthy :D
I'm assuming they're ok to eat? Actually we have been and no one has grown an extra eye or anything :)
I would hope so I have been eating them lol! I wonder if the girls laying these eggs aren't eating enough oyster shell. I always have it available but my chickens are spoiled and don't eat it. They want the good snacks I give them. Who knew chickens could get spoiled:lol:
I scatter out a cupful of scratch/oyster shell in their yard every day for a snack. I haven't paid much attention if they are eating the shell or not...I'll check tomorrow.

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