Weird sighing type sounds coming from pullet


Aug 7, 2021
ok so some background info i have hatched this black Araucana mix shes really a sweet girl and she laid her first egg yesterday and her second today so i went to collect the gges and she was sitting in the nest box even though she laid her egg shes the only one that lays green eggs and it was really hot and fresh so i took all of the eggs from under her and i went to lock them up for the night and hear this sort of sighing sound and its coming from her beak closed i picked her up and went outside the coop she still was "sighing" just quietly but when i went to put her in with the rest of the hens she just started louder
(its winter where i am and she has a sister as well that hasn't started lay yet just saying if this would help)
has she or anyone else in the flock showed any signs of respiratory infection?
otherwise she may have something obstructing her airway.

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