Weirdest Halloween costume ever...?

My mom showed me a picture of me in a chicken costume when I was three...
now look what THAT'S started
I was once a house in elementary school. A puffy house with smoke coming out of the chimney. I won an award for most creative costume that year.
I've got a whole closet full of costumes, both from Halloween and the
stage. Some simple, others that take a few hours to put on. Even ladys
dresses in my size. Maybe you need a six foot rabbit? Or an undertaker,
or the grave digger? Have a party? I'm the clown. Oh, it's Christmas? I'm
a snowman.

Varied collection...most I've made myself. I learned to sew just to make
my own costumes. Dozens. Now I can pretty much just reach in and put
something together. Just got five more masks in the mail last week.

Now my daughter is working on her own "wardrobe".

Also made pretty good collection of props for both stage and scare. Always
on the search for more things.

Have two life-size Halloween monsters under way now. The heads are actually
on the bookcase beside me. A new six and a half foot Undertaker and a Bride.
My intentions call for the Undertaker to have his own horse drawn hearst, but
without the horse. Not sure I can make a beliveable horse.

A lot of the props we presently use are showing a little wear, need to be redone.
Need to build a new fence, few new headstones. Just a general going over. Actually
talking of being almost twice as big a maze this year, and including a new section of
unused woods. The man the owns the property has given us free rein.
Well, I was an iPhone one year, and a pink haired princess another year.
Wow spook, that's really cool! Love the chimney idea (*lightbulb*) and the bat pic? Haha. And what could be cuter than a three yr old in a chicken costume!?!?! Thanks for your posts guys.
I got one of those large, black foam boards and bought a TON of colored paper. Then, I just made the icons and glued them on the board, and then used ribbon and velcro to make it hang off of my neck. Any details were taken care of with some paint and ribbon.

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