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Oh... just the continuation of my family losing their minds and ...

Wow.... instead of them apologizing, they think I am being nasty... etc.

Just a ball of poo anyway you slice it.

'Al' - no dog in the fight on my part. When did sticking up for your kids and refusing to deal with abrasive people become 'nasty'?

We sound like a scary movie.
Strange happenings on the lily pads in the evenings. :oops:


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Good Evening, Pond!
We got to spend a couple of days with our baby grandson, got home this afternoon, I went out to check on my chickens after we got home, and peeked in the broody nest (hatch date should be Monday, but the last one hatched a day early, so I was curious). I took a couple of eggs out from under her to look for pips, and one of them peeped! It was one of the ones I had marked as questionable after the first candling, so I'm glad I gave it a chance! Now I'll leave her alone until Monday. Maybe. I might listen for baby peeps tomorrow...


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Dec 29, 2015
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Hey bought myself some jolly rancher pops these are frozen treats and have nifty sticks with that have printing on both ends of pop
what do pigs and ink have in common? they both go in a pen
What did on hat say to the other hat? Stay here, I'll go on ahead
How does thread get to school? The spool bus
How did the broom find a girlfriend? He swept her off her feet


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'Al' - no dog in the fight on my part. When did sticking up for your kids and refusing to deal with abrasive people become 'nasty'?

Because I refuse to pretend it didn't happen.

I refuse to go to any of the activities where I might have to talk to baby sis.

I refuse to go to the reception or do group photos.

If they would apologize, sincerely, I would.

But they ALL refuse to talk to me. I did send my mom VERY kind texts, and a very kind explanatory email.... she ALSO refused to respond or discuss.

So... I will show up, protect my kids, go to the church service with my kids... the actual wedding part, and then go home.

And since no one is talking to me... I am now having to shell out a bunch of funds I didn't really have... for an Air bnb, and a rental car....

And it... BLOWS MY MIND!!!! We used to be a family that sure, maybe hated each other at times, got mad at each other, whatever... but we yelled and screamed TALKED IT ALL OUT, and got over it, or at least agreed to disagree.

But now... this wall of silence???

I guess it is because my dad is dead... he was the talker.

So yes... I am now the super nasty prideful person that refuses to be nice and party with everyone. :he

But I do NOT see how I can back down... because backing down would say that what they did was OK, and it WAS NOT OK.

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