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Sep 25, 2015
Little lake Michigan
Phil, I very carefully give wide berth to those with the green and white plates with the little oranges on them. :p I understand where 3ge is coming from. Once while visiting Mom in Fla. we went to the grocery store. She had me park far away from the store, and when I questioned why, she said, "These old farts around here can't drive, and I don't want my car getting messed up." As we walked to the store some guy with 'Northern' plates on his big ole Cadillac proceeded to hit the cars on either side of him and the one behind him as he pulled out of his parking space. "Now do you understand?" she said. :th
I was just agreeing with eggs....but seriously have you ever driven behold a car with Florida plates in a snow flurry......:th. :lau
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Lsky your world is different than ours then . Our country was built with blood sweat and guns . What is needed is more guns in the right places with people who know how to use them . When I was young many times the meat on our table was put there with a gun . Take away the guns and there is something else for smugglers to bring in . Almost every country house is armed and carry permits are getting easier to get . We need that . 9 11 opened our eyes . A wise man forgives but never forgets . Here you watch your @ss mind your manners and take care of your own home and never let your guard down . If you live in a place where you don't have to worry then count yourself lucky . Europe had way to handle criminals they sent them to other parts of the world . :/ The good shots in The United States know how to take care of them . Sad to say they didn't get the one this morning quick enough .The right gun in the right hands at the right time is a very useful tool . I for one feel that a few public hangings are also in order . But then I've become a mean old man . disgusted with politicians the lies they tell and how they can be bought with money .I don't believe anything they say I still vote I'm American . Sad to say a vote now is more of a vote against someone than a vote for someone . Well guess I'll stop rambling and go shoot some rats ;) :frow
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The right to bear arms, or the right to arm bears. 'Murica
God bless America
True, it is easy, because we have the right to arm ourselves, if we choose. I'm very glad that these things don't happen there. But I still like having the right to defend myself, and not have to break any laws to do it. I am a small-framed female, barely 100 pounds, but I carry a 9mm pistol each and every day. And I legally conceal it. I wish there had been someone carrying in that night club that would have pulled and shot the guy before he took out so many people. It does happen, I wish it happened more often. We will never get rid of the crazies in this country!! If we make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own weapons, then the idiots will always have the upper hand, because they will still find ways to get them illegally. They go into situations prepared to die. I want them to die quicker, before they can take out innocent law-abiding folks.
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Apr 27, 2016

I'm not sure where you live but I would bet my next paycheck that there are a large number of citizens in your home country that possess firearms. I've been in law enforcement in the southern U.S. for thirty-three years, carried a side arm everyday I went to work, never had to fire it at anyone. I have encountered many, many people with firearms and the vast, overwhelming majority of those people possessed those firearms illegally. We have a lot of laws in place to prohibit unlawful possession of firearms but not the manpower to enforce them. The U.S. has always been home to violence since its inception. I wish that were not true but it is and we can't deny that firearms have played a major role in our past and present. I have no problem with stricter gun laws in the U.S. and in fact I think it's necessary. I don't mind if the government conducts a thorough backgrounds check on me which could take several weeks or even months prior to my purchase of a weapon. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to end mass murders in the U.S. and across the world but motivated criminals and terrorists don't abide by laws in the first place so it will have no impact on them whatsoever. The Oklahoma City bomber used an explosive mixture of common fertilizer to achieve his terroristic goals.
Only farmers and cops have guns. perhaps a few others own them but they are hard to get. All it takes is one pull of a trigger, easily done when you're angry. Americas gun laws scare me.


Jan 12, 2016
Only farmers and cops have guns. perhaps a few others own them but they are hard to get. All it takes is one pull of a trigger, easily done when you're angry. Americas gun laws scare me.
A weak America should scare you more

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Jan 30, 2015
BYC rules say we can't discuss religion - me thinks gun laws should included :D
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