Well here goes.... First time incubating!


8 Years
Aug 22, 2011
Coshocton, Ohio- 3 Years Ckns
Took the plunge and bought a used incubator and egg turner. It's a Hovabator 58 something I think. The previous owner installed a new thermostat and it holds right at about 101 degrees. I have a hydrometer that I will put in it here soon.

Last night 08/25/2011 I put in 22 eggs so we'll see what happens. I am not sure what breeds are in there. When I am allowed to post pics I will do so and you smart people can tell me which are RIR, which are Sex Link, and I have some I bought at Tractor Supply that are huge white with black around the collar that I can't seem to pin down. I guess we will see what happens Sept. 17th or so.

Lots of fun.

I want to get some Lavender Buff Orphingtons and some Marans but one step at a time.
Welcome to BYC!!!

Good start on incubation--nice combo of fun chickens. THe white with the dark collar and tail is a color that several breeds have, so the breed maybe hard to nail down.

LOVE lav orpingtons--they are on my wish list. I did get some marans a few months ago. Gotta love the eggs. Intriguing colors.

If you run into problems or have questions, I'm sure someone will help out--usually several someones! Are you doing the dry incubating method--many people have succes with that one, all depends on where you live.

Good Luck!!!

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