Well, I guess my turn finally came up...


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Mar 3, 2008
I was expecting chicks today... from Welp hatchery and Purely Poultry. My phone shows a missed call at 9:18am, but they didn't leave a message and it didn't match the number I have for the PO, so I didn't go to the PO until noon, and only went in then because I was expecting eggs from Wolf-Kim and didn't know the tracking number. I'm so glad I did! The box of eggs was there, and two boxes of chicks... the 100 broilers (beautiful and healthy) from PP, and a smaller box from Welp. I thought it was strange, since I had ordered chicks as well as guineas and turkeys, that there was only one box, but I figured they just shipped on a different day like their website says. Nope. About an hour later I get a call from someone at the PO that says she's got my box of chicks, a couple are dead, and do I want her to give them some sugar water until they can be picked up? I'm so tired, it didn't sink in until I asked her again where she was calling from... she was calling from the main PO in ANCHORAGE!!
That's a 3 hour drive from here!! And the chicks aren't scheduled to leave until tonight!
BUT... good friends to the rescue... I called AK_Button_mama, who lives north of Anchorage, and asked if she'd do me the favor of picking them up for me and brooding them until I can get up there. No hesitation at all... yep, sure, you betcha. What a gal!!

So it sounds like I lost a couple of my turkey poults, but all the guineas are doing fine. The postal worker was so nice, and took care of them... she said she's known as "The bird lady" since she always looks after the chick shipments. She went above and beyond the call of duty in my book...
Nothing I can do for the dead ones, but she was working hard to keep a couple more from following. I'm waiting for the call from Rebecca letting me know they're home safe and sound...
This is the first time I've ever had any trouble (knock on wood), and it looks like it will turn out ok...

Whew! On top of trying to make arrangements for the missing chicks, I have 125 other chicken chicks to get settled in, and had to find a brooder for the 50 quail chicks that just popped out...


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Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
That rocks! my postal lady does the same for me and one other gal. we are the only ones in our small towns that get eggs and chicks in the mail-I taught her to let the eggs totalt sie still until I get them-which is usually 8 hours from the call to me-always wants to see the lives chicks and the chicks that hatch out! good for you!!

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