Well, something bad finally happened :(

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by enriquec, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. enriquec

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    Aug 20, 2014
    North Florida
    The ducks have clocked a lot of alone time at this point, at least 100 hours. A lot more partially supervised time. And even more fully supervised outdoor hours.

    It's been almost exactly 24 hours now with one less duck. I have no idea what happened. I've been looking everywhere. I *was* with them. We were by the lake. We came back to the yard. They were by their little pool. I was inside, door opened, a few feet away. I look and notice someone is missing without counting. It was so obvious. Still is. Looks like more than one missing[​IMG]

    I counted four times to be sure. There's only 12! The worst part is not knowing.. If they were by themselves, ok. But I was with them all day. I literally just wasn't staring for a few minutes.

    They were all acting normal. I don't know what to think. There's tons of possibilities in my head, but almost all are super unlikely. The only ones that seem possible are; it happened while I wasn't looking, they were quiet about it, and it was an air predator probably, land maybe.

    I'm so confused. It's like a crime witness memory. I don't know what happened. I'm remembering fake things. I keep hearing a lone duck everywhere [​IMG] I'm definitely getting past the point of false hope expectations. Did it happen Ruhr in front of me and I didn't notice? Why were they all acting normal?

    They've spent so much time unsupervised and everything was fine. I literally was with them all day, and I count multiple times a day. Now, I don't see a point since it's obvious they look incomplete.. The top guess I have is it was a slick bird while my head was turned and they were in shock. It's like a magic trick or an alien froze time and abducted #13. I just don't get it. Not knowing sucks horribly.
  2. enriquec

    enriquec Chirping

    Aug 20, 2014
    North Florida
    Literally, I was sitting right here, they were right there. 10-15?feet away. Door opened, five mins TOPS.

    I moved their pool. It was right there next to deck. I don't want them their anymore..
  3. Miss Lydia

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    I'm so sorry, are you absolutely sure they all came back with you? Predators are very sly they wait till the opportune moment and make their move. The ducks aren't going to quack because shock and fear of more preds coming. they don't want to draw attention to themselves. How many are missing? if more than 1 probably not a fling pred unless it brought another and they usually work alone. I know that sickening feeling I've had a few chickens not come home after a day free ranging. It's a sickening feeling not knowing.
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  4. needlessjunk

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    May 19, 2014
    Georgetown, TX
    So very sorry. Hopefully you will find him hanging out hiding. Could it of happened on the lake?
  5. Sseckel

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    Oct 20, 2013
    Homestead, IA
    Sorry to hear this. We just had a similar thing with our flock. Lost a silkie just 3 days ago, not sure how. But I wasn't there either came home rounded them up for the night and came up with 10 not 11. Looked everywhere twice, had to have been a hawk. We live in town so a large predator is out maybe a fox but it would have had to go through multiple chain link fences. You're right the not knowing is the worst.
  6. Going Quackers

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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    Well not to bring forth false hope but the bird may turn up.. perhaps someone is just a bit overly curious? I do hope this is the case, predators though as said are real darn sly. I am sorry it is a sick feeling, i lost two drakes one year within two weeks of each other... i felt very violated by it, frankly.
  7. enriquec

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    Aug 20, 2014
    North Florida
    Thanks guys. It does suck, it's part of life and there's nothing that can be done :(

    One is missing. I'm really not sure what happened. Bird is my best guess. I was right by their side all day. I was in the water trying to get them in but they didn't want to. They were just chilling. I get out of the water, walk to deck. Two mins later I see joggers stretching where they were, and they come to mini pool. I'm on the deck, step inside where I took the photo. I'm saying I don't feel like going out tonight to my friend. Then I say maybe. I wanna play with the ducks while I take a shower. He says sure, then says there's only 12. I say he's wrong, look, and can already tell, but count over and over.

    Total distance traveled was little. I still went into the woods, on the boat around lake, in the streets. I mean, I looked at least 10x farther than they've EVER been. I really really have no clue what happened. I'm just thinking of possibilities and they're all un probable.

    When missing by little pool or lake, or I just didn't notice earlier? Joggers stole duck and pretended to stretch, or fast land water or air attack.

    Air while by deck is top guess. It explains best why I have no idea what happened. Maybe a second idea is they were afraid to go in water with me, but got brave right after, then water attack and they ran over. Jogger timing just made it appear they were the cause?

    I mean, I just really don't know. And they spend hours every day outside without me. Everyday. If this had happened without me, I'd blame myself. But I was with them 99% of the 11 hours leading up to that.

    They're still spending hours outside alone. I know that might sound bad, but apparently my supervision doesn't protect. Really, I can't find any evidence, even a little feather, or behavioral changes in the others to suggest there was a predator or duck napping.

    I have to assume that because magic and aliens makes people think you're crazy. And the most common reason for duck disappearance is predator.

    But I mean, they're afraid to go in the lake currently because a gator got in and was in their favorite spot trying to eat them for two days. (It's been removed now) They were alone all day before I got home and found out. I got home and could tell something was wrong by how they were acting. But they weren't close to dying. They act frightened and run when a bird flies over, something moves in water, often times on land too. They get away and survive.

    What did they miss, and I miss?

    I'm just confused.

    And there's nothing I can do about it.

    Today I moved their water and food into a very uncomfortable area for me, and anything much bigger than them. They have a dome of thorned vines. It would be difficult for anything to reach them unless by land, and they would easily see and definitely hear it on leaves instantly. It's also an easy spot for them to escape in multiple directions, one being water.

    I just can't believe it's was a sudden and quiet disappearance. I don't know what made that day different. Everyday birds of prey fly around. They see the ducks but they always go for fish or squirrels. Maybe there's less now since it's getting colder and it was extra hungry? Bird is just my best guess :/

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