Well that truly sucks


Jan 14, 2016
Venus, Florida. 33960
I knew that the neighborhood that I lived in was not a particularly good neighborhood it would never occur to me that someone would come into my backyard during the course of the a.m. and steal my chicken my little chick she was just starting to feather out so I put her out so I kept her in a dog kennel a wire dog kennel with plenty of room for her to wander in no chance that she made her way out she's too big if a predator would have gotten her pieces left behind because there's no way they could have gotten the bird out if she was big enough that there was no chance in hell she can squeeze through. People are so despicable I'll be so happy to get to my new Homestead and another month my nearest neighbors are miles away and that's about the way it should be I guess
I will tell you this much I knew the neighborhood wasn't good because several windows on the side of the house at when I moved were bullet holes in the glass windows and the holes were patched in the wall but it seems like things had quieted down but I guess the hood will always be the hood.
Weeelll, there's usually a gap around the bottom of those crates, where the tray fits in, that a chick could get out of...or coon could've tipped crate to allow bottom grid to be an egress.
That's sad! looks like she may possibly be able to squeeze through that wire, chicks are pretty squishy! Rat could have dragged it out through that wire (assuming the pic is where She was staying) lv lost chicks to rats pulled them up through a small gap in the fence.
Also that chick is not fully feathered yet. Still would have needed a heat source overnight especially by itself with no other birds to snuggle up with.
If you had compleatly enclosed the entire cage with tight hardware cloth and added some type of heat source you still might have your chick. What about rain and protection from the eliments?
If that chick were at my house, he would still be in a broody box inside the house.

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