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I finally decided to crank up my bator and...I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing. I'm not even sure of the brand
. All I know is that its more square shaped than round and holds 42 eggs with a turner and that it has a light on the top that goes on and off depending on the temp and a little nob that I either turn left or right to raise the temp or lower it. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me the basics on working it before I attempt to hatch eggs. Right now the most important question is should the light be on or off? My other question is where can I get something to tell me the humidity and where can I get an incubator thermometer? Thanks everyone

ETA: That the nob is a little piece of metal that can either be screwed all the way in or out if that helps.
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Sounds like my Dad's little giant still air incubator - I've got it cranked up right now. It seems to kind of do it's own thing with only a modicum of messing around by me
I read - water in the center tray for the first 18 days - that's what I'm doing and I'm at 50% humidity with no eggs in the bator yet. The temp is at 102 turned about half way on the little knob. All the way up it's reached 108+.

Wish I was more help. But if you look up Little Giant you should get some better detail.

ETA I got my digital hygrometers and thermometers at Walmart - they have a sensor that sits in the incubator. I haven't paid any attention to the light but it's probably just coming on when the heating unit is switching on.
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Ok. The light should be ON to get it going. Try Wally World for a Hygrometer and thermometer. The knob...turn it to the left to turn it down, to the right to turn it up. Once it stays around 100 degrees for several hours, you should be good to go. Did it have a plastic tray in the bottom for water? If it does, then you have to fill the center of the tray to get your humidity.
It has a tray in the bottom but its Styrofoam. I did fill it with water though and that light is still on so I have no idea whether or not its at the right temp. Sounds like I'm going to Walmart tomorrow.
Sounds like my Little Giant
There are a couple of pix in this thread if ya wanna look https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=301326
attempting my first hatch and as far as I can tell (can't see through some eggs) they are growing along nicely!
The red light just indicates when the heating element is on or off.

If the temp hits 102 and the heating element is still on - I turn the control down just enough to get the light to go off. Once you get it set, it seems to stay pretty well unless the room temp changes (sunlight, an open window, or if you crank the thermosat up)
Wow to me this is like rocket science lol. My bator isnt quite that square though. It looks like a hova bator except its not that round either...oy vay.
Here are some pics of the bator. I'm still messing with the darn thing and the temp just wont stay. Tomorrow I'm going to see if using a different thermometer makes a difference.


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