Well you know how we learn from our mistakes.............


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Well you know how we learn from our mistakes.............

I have a hen that is broody and since it was only my 2nd time trying to hatch eggs, i didn't candle the eggs as was worried i would not know what to look for and throw ones that were good and not bad. Anyway so i didn't candle them. Well today and in my time it is 8.45PM is day 23 and i don't think they will hatch at all. There was 10 but now 6 and there was some rotten ones - they were posted to me but my 1st hatching was from posted eggs and 5 out of 6 hatched so i thought i would get at least 1 from 6.

Anyway what i am asking is what would you do? Try to snap her out of her boodieness? Or buy more eggs, but would she haddle sitting for another 21days? Or buy day old ones - but what if she doesn't accpet them?

Thanks to all in advance, i have to say i will candle them from now on and try to learn how to do it right.

If you give her fertile eggs she will still set. Make sure she has food and water close by. I had a broody set for 2 months. First set the turkey took over. Hen moved one nest over and hatched 12 biddies. Good luck.

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