Wellsummer Barnevelder Buttercup Penedenseca Something-or-other??


7 Years
Aug 31, 2012
Anyone want to try to take a guess about this big boy? He has a double v comb, a tufted face, a mini top hat, and a chest with some speckling...

Wow, that is one colourful bird! It might be some sort of cross!
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Buttercup cross. He's not pure due to what appears to be a beard/muffs and a bit of a crest. So probably Buttercup/Polish.
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Thanks for the input. I'm glad to have some help with this mystery bird.

Since he came from the same batch as one of the crested birds that is visible in the first picture, I imagine a polish cross is very possible...

I adopted this guy from a batch (hatched in May) that I believe came from http://www.juststruttinfarm.com I'm excited to imagine what kinds of offspring he might have in the coming year.

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