Welp Hatchery--anyone using them?


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9 Years
Jul 18, 2010
Central Florida
I have never ordered from a hatchery, but found out about this one from a couple that came out to look at some chickens I had for sale.
Does anyone else use them or have any experience with them? They are out of Iowa.
I see that they don't charge for shipping, but I havent checked their chick prices against other hatchery prices yet.
Just curious.
I have ordered production type leghorns from them and also Cornish Cross for meat. They did great!! I think at the time they were about the best deal as far as price goes and no shipping charges..
Welp is awsome! When my dh and I owned a feedstore, Welp was one of the main hatcheries we used. They are a real nice group of people and we never had a problem with them. Their chicks were always healthy and on the rare occasion we had any arrive dead, Welp did right by us. The prices to me were always in line with other hatcheries.
I did a comparison of Welp vs. Meyer, Ideal, Cackle, My pet chicken, dark egg, estes, McMurray, purely poultry, xtremegamebirds, stromberg's, efowl and a few others. With shipping added, Welp was the best deal. Keep in mind that was for the particular breeds that I wanted and I could take 25 birds. There were a few that were less expensive (like privett), but only offered straight run and I wanted to be sure to get mostly pullets. I get mine in a few weeks, I will post about them. My cousin always uses Welp and has been very pleased. If I was just getting cxs I would go with a different hatchery (like central or schlecht) because you can get them for as low as .60 each sometimes).

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