Welsummer (or) Rooster in the Garden...Want Picture!

Carpe DiHen

9 Years
Feb 4, 2010
El Dorado County, CA
Hi eveyone!

I need a pretty picture of a colorful rooster!

I have a very stark side to my new coop that can be seen from the road. I would like to paint a beautiful colorful rooster surrounded by garden flowers on that side of my coop. Since I'm not getting a rooster (I hope), it would give my 6 girls something to ruffle their feathers in front of.

I would like the rooster to be about one third of the picture and garden about two thirds, so a pretty big picture that includes some flowers or fence or? (I'm not good at improvising, don't paint very often...)

I started to surf the net to find a pretty picture, then I thought, "Hey, where else to get help and find a beautful picture but BYC!"

I'm just a folk art type painter and i will be painting on plywood, but I will be sure to share the outcome and give your rooster (and your photo!) credit! Be sure to include his name so I can tell my guests who he is!

When my coop is all finished, I plan to post all on my BYC page and will credit your roo there too!

Would love your help and can't wait to see some roos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you in advance,
Oh, that's gorgeous! I like it a lot but I'm terrified to paint human faces! I'll sketch out some bonnet ideas!

Thank you so much for sharing that lovely sarine scene!
Cats Critters, your boys are gorgeous!
I love the PR ?or BR? pic#2, but my favorite is the last picture #4.

What kind is #4 and what is his name?

I love his colors and his pose is very "candid", and his feathers are tousled nicely. I might be able to search a Garden Forum for a background for him.

Thank you so much for the images! I appreciate it!
Thanks! Here are their breeds and names (abbreviations for breeds in () )
1. Chipmunk, Easter Egger(EE)
2. Romeo, Barred Rock (BR)
3. Carmel, White Leghorn/ Easter Egger cross (WL/EE)
4. Red, EE
Both Red and Carmel are Chipmunks sons.

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