Welsummer roo behavior

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    Jul 22, 2008
    I have a mixed flock of hens, EE, Light Brahmas, Dominiques, Cuckoos, and Welsummers. Well, 2 of my pullets turned out to be roos, one is a Brahma, the other is the Welsummer. They will be 11 weeks old Tuesday. My Brahma has been crowing for 3 weeks, having just gotten very good at it! However, my Welsummer hasn't even tried out his vocal cords. Is this normal? He normally comes out in the morning into the run and then sits on the perch and watches the others run around exercising and the Brahma runs around crowing. I do notice that the Welsummer roo and hen aren't as tame and social as the rest of my hens, they do kinda stay to themselves. Anybody have Welsummers who can give me info on their behavior. Will my roo ever crow? Is he scared of the other roo and doesn't want him to know he's a roo too? I just have no clue! Any help will be appreciated.
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    He's probably submissive to the other roo, lower on the pecking order for now.

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