Welsummers 8 weeks. Any pullets?

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Jul 1, 2011
Piedmont, South Dakota

They all look the same on the back except for the one with the head up. I am guessing that is the only pullet of the bunch.

Bottom left chick is the same one with the head up in the pic above. See the feathering difference? Can anyone tell me what I have here?
They look like production or RIR. They look girlie to me. I have some production red cockerels, and they were obviously boys by 4 weeks. Here's a couple of pictures of my welsummer pullet if you'd like to compare. She's about the same age as your birds. Good luck!

They look like they may be a mixed breed.

Welsummer legs and feet are yellow, yours appear to be more pink. Could be the lighting in the pic. Also, the white on the tips of the feathers are not typical in Welsummers.

The one that you indicate you think may be a cockerel has more of the "Welsummer" feather patterning.

Some pics of our Welsummers at 2-3 months. First the pullets.

and our cockerel at age 3 months.

Hopefully someone can ID for you. You have pretty chicks that look like pullets.

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