Went to Doc for Sinusitis, then Thyroid scan....... Now Biopsy........


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Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
Sinusitis was my main concern with all the infections I keep getting this past year. When he checked my throat he felt a large area on the left side. Thyroid problems run in my family, mom has had problems with hers from a kid. I have had some testing before, but no one ever bothered to feel around...... so Tuesday I go for an ultrasound.
Just what I need....... and I have to go back to Doc when my sinus really gets bad so they can have a cat scan done and see if I might need surgery....... great. I know it could be worse, and I'm lucky compared to others.... I know...... it just sucks.
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This Florida weather we have had lately doesn't help either...it has been so dry and dusty. My mom has thyroid issues also. Praying for it to be simple and easy to deal with.
Aww Jen -
You will be in my Prayers. I just recently was diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid and put on medication for it. I think it is helping some. My TSH level was 9.37, when it should be in the range of 0.450-4.500 . They are starting me on a low dose so far and adjusting it slowly. Some days I just could NOT get moving, but it is some better now. Hope your test comes back good.


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