Went to my first quilting class.....


12 Years
Apr 27, 2007
Laclede County, MO
...and this is what I made



I didn't have enough time to get it completely finished. I still have to do another border, put the batting and the backing on, quilt it and add the binding. I had intended on doing a wall hanging rather than a lap quilt, but I forgot about doing that until I had everything cut out
. I should have enough fabric left to do it.

Another girl was making this one and the colors just pop right out at you! I love this one and may make one in the future!



very pretty and such an undertaking for your first class!! now you'r gonna have to split your money & time between your chickens and quilting !!
I teach small group classes quilting during the fall & winter (not much else to do after the snow flys)and love what students come up with.
Actually that lap size quilt CAN be made in one class - I teach the Quilt-in-a-day class for this pattern she made (trip around the world) and my students start at 8am-finish at 5pm and go home with their creations only having to finish tying the quilt.
erthymom, this was a Quilt-in-a-Day class too, 9 am - 5pm. We had a few snafu's and a late start. She also had to show a lot of us how to do rotary cutting the right way. I want to try and machine quilt this quilt rather than tying it though.

Scrambled, the thought has entered my mind several times. One of these days I sure will!
Very pretty! A great way to use those small scraps left behind from other projects. This is called 'trip around the world' ?? I'm going to look into that!

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