Went to the Chicken Swap ....what I heard about lack of eggs...

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Went to the chicken swap in Jacksonvillem FL today (BentCreek Feed) - Can I first Say WOW!!!!!
    People were coming up and were swamped before they could unload!

    Resisted buying the cutest little chick - I really really wanted it and my Son (17) almost went over to buy it and one other so it would not be lonesome as a surprise for mom!
    My husband says, "Go ahead and buy it - just remember that one of the chickens in the coop will be supper!" (as he has set the total limit on chickens to 5 pullets and one rooster) He calls them expensive disposal creatures!

    I cannot wait till Dec 27th when they do the next swap.....

    Anyway.....What I heard was that due to the heat a lot of younger birds went into molt instead of laying.............. so I will give my girls a bit of a reprieve!

    I still want my eggs for breakfast so those silly little Clucks had better start a laying!

    Jax FL
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    Jul 9, 2009
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    My buttercup is in a full molt right now. She's 9 months old. She looks like a naked neck. She has NO feathers on her neck, a few on her head, none by her beak, etc. And she's losing them on her body rapidly. She looks pathetic, but I can see the pin feathers coming in, so she'll be growing them back in hopefully before it gets too cold.

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