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Jul 30, 2020
I built a coop this summer, it is a basic box frame with plywood screwed to the sides for walls. The back is 6 inches higher than the front and is open for ventilation. It has plywood on the roof at present, and a heavy duty tarp covering it until I can get the roof panels for it. It was pretty dry this summer but this winter it has been wet nonstop. There is always snow inside and the bottom most layer is damp and frozen and the bottom fram boards are wet too. Anyone have any ideas on how to waterproof this thing or where the water is coming from? I'm afraid its gonna kill the chickens, everything says moisture is deadly in the winter.
Also, do you have your waterer in the coop?

If so, any change that it's leaking or that the chickens are spilling it as they drink?
I did during the snowstorm, but I cleaned it out and then it got wet again even after I moved the water out.
Sorry I thought these uploaded a while ago...


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