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May 27, 2020
But that means I’d have 5 ducks and 2 drakes is that ratio okay? One female is blind so she’d be living somewhere separate from the others so 4 to 2 really. I don’t want them to fight
all depends on the drakes but yes they could be perfectly happy. i keep my 2 hens with 1 drake and they are all happy together, and i know people who keep a 1:1 ratio with up to 6 ducks and it works perfect


Aug 19, 2021
Hey everyone!
My Welsh Harlequin duckling Charlie is six weeks old. I bought her as a sexed female, but now I’m not so sure if ‘she’ is actually a drake.
First off, her beak never turned purplish black like my other duckling (who I’m positive is a female) did. It’s a lightish pink with a black tip and speckles in the centre, just like when I bought her as a day oldIt isn’t at all olive colored like a drake either.
Next, her voice never changed. While my other duckling’s voices became more like quacks, Charlie’s stayed the same…but it still sounds too loud to be a male. It’s like a loud, sort of deep chirp but not a quack. It can be raspy when she’s stressed.
And finally, her head feathering is different. My other WH has a light brown head but as Charlie’s feathers come in, I can see hers is a greyish black color.
I’ve attached a photo. I hope Charlie is a female because I already have a drake and can’t keep two 😞
Thanks in advance ❤️
ALSO I know his/her face is a little bloated…it’s from a sinus blockage or infection that she/he has been struggling to overcome for a few weeks.
It's a drake..

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