What age can I start giving treats like sunflower seeds?


11 Years
Aug 29, 2012
I am trying to get some new 10-12 week old chicks to be more friendly. One is very food motivated and after a week already lets me scratch it under the chin.

The other 3 are not so excited by feed and chick weed so I was thinking of trying sunflower seeds but just wanted to make sure they wouldn't have any problems digesting at their age.

They are on a compressed dirt floor in the quarantine pen. Not sure that would count as having access to grit.
I start giving other things occasionally when they're old enough to go out and forage. Yours should be old enough. That might not provide the grit they need. By that age they're probably due for #2 or even adult grit.
Mealworms and crickets work well for treats and endearing them to you.
Thanks! I hadn't thought about buying grit being an option. The others free range so I've never needed that but will check it out today at the feed store.

Might look into meal worms while I'm there too :)
in the states pet food companies sell meal worms and crickets by the thousands online much cheaper than at the pet stores. That might be an option there.
From that point you can breed those things and continue to raise your own for an ongoing supply.

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