What age did your roo start to crow???


10 Years
Jul 15, 2009
My two roos that we had to rehome started trying to crow at about 12 weeks old. They went from sounding like a baby crying "mooommmmm" to an actualy crow over about two weeks. I swear my neighbors thought I just put my kids outside at 4:00am every morning crying.

What age did yours start crowing?
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My Buff Orp started when he was 15 weeks and 3 days. bright and early on a Sunday morning. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! he hasn't figured out that if he ACUTALLY OPENS his mouth.... he'll be louder etc. I love it though and wish he'd do it more. lol (my family likes to tell me that when he figures it out and doesn't shut up, they'll remind me that I once said I wanted him to do it more)
So here's hoping he'll get louder and it'll be more frequent!
Sorry you had to let yours go.
Mine is an 'only roo' so perhaps he would have been more voicterious sooner..... He's actually a 'saved' roo from a friend of ours that didn't want a roo. I love him dearly.... Alfredo is his name. And Alfredo likes to crow in the dark(before the sun comes up) in the coop and 9 times out of 10 when he comes out in the run he stops. lol
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I have a flock of 17 chickens with just one rooster. He started trying to crow around 9 weeks old. I think he's a dark cornish but I'm not positive. It was always a pretty pathetic crow although he's gotten a little bit better. He's a pretty talkative guy and crows all the time but we're out in the country so no one minds.
I have an EE roo and he started trying to crow at 6 wks old....now he is 8 wks old and still sounds like he's getting strangled. Just so cute!
An age range from 9-25 weeks for EEers.

ksct~ I loved hearing ours, one learned before the other did. They got the hang of it and then crowed non stop from 4am to about 7:30 when the sun would go down.
We couldn't have roos so when they started my hubby would say "go out there an give them something to eat so they shutup" So after doing this for a week or so they started crowing anytime they saw us outside. Then they would do that chatter growl thing until they got something to eat. I guess we kind of made it worse.

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