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Oct 11, 2015
Da Yoop
Hello all! This is my "Welsummer" pullet, Roadrunner. We purchased 25 chicks from a local woman who bought a barnyard mix and a rare mix from a hatchery. We kept five and gave the rest to my dad. He got the other Welsummers which are actually Welsummers. What the heck is she? I am not 100% on what her comb is. She's very fast (hence the name!) so I'll check her out at bedtime. Thank you!

How frustrated do you farmers and city backyarders get trying to diagnose the sex of your young chickens. Already have 2 in LA Roos. Suspect more in my order of pullets. I am worn out trying to educate myself on my beautiful variety of breeds. Sorry today I am just overwhelmed.
If the comb is single, you probably have a Silver Phoenix. If she has a walnut comb (flat) you probably have a Silver Duckwing Kraienkoppe. Both breeds come in bantam, but are uncommon. More often, people think they are bantams, because they aren't used to the smaller body types of these fowl. They will be a a few pounds lighter then dual-purpose breeds like the Welsummer.
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Have a bunch of gender issues with my chickens. Have to hen ordered Roos already. Here are some pics. Could you please help me? Sorry can't add pics. Technically challenged my son calls it... Have EE beige with reddening wings and shoulders plus odd slight feather uplift, not a puff, behind comb. I read that's streaming and 99per cent roo. True?

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